Hello, my name is Andrew Deibel.

I'm the lead user interface developer at My Custom Event, living in Spokane, WA. I design interfaces, program front end web frameworks, and design graphics for a wide range of applications.

I design.

My Expertise


Stylesheets that control the look and feel of the web and the most popular pre-processor language for robust responsive framework prototyping.

JavaScript + jQuery

Client side scripting enabling rich web interfaces and reactive animations alongside the largest JS library that provides rapid development.

Logos + Graphics

Confindent brand and graphic design language that provoke a customer response and stands out in the marketplace.

Latest Project

Site Scaffolding is a font end HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript framework build with SASS. It includes all of the important components needed to build a great looking web application.

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Languages: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, C#, C, Objective C.
Education: 3 year Computer Science Major at Eastern Washington University.
Current Focus: Client side interface development: JavaScript (jQuery), ASP.Net, SASS pre-compiler.


I've been doing freelance graphic design for over 6 years for a wide range of clients across many different markets segments. Including: logos and icons, marketing material, user interface concepts, advertisements, animation and video editing, and kinetic typography.


While I'm unavailable for new projects at this time, please feel free to say hello by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.