Hello, my name is Andrew Deibel.

I'm a web developer at Configio, living in Spokane, WA. I design user interfaces, program front and back end web applications, and design graphics for a wide range of applications.

I design.

My Expertise


I've built SASS frameworks from the ground up for multiple web applications. I'm familiar with nearly every CSS attribute/property and browser compatibility.

JavaScript + jQuery

I'm also familiar with Angular.js, React.js, and a few other frameworks. I've built JavaScript libraries and plugins for numerous web applications.

Logos + Graphics

I love iconography, typography and web graphics. I've designed web advertisements, logos, and branding for many clients and internal projects.

Latest Project

Configio.com is an online business management and ecommerce platform that I've been helping to develop since 2013.

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Languages: JavaScript, C#, PHP, SQL, Java, CSS
Education: Computer Science at Eastern Washington University.
Current Focus: Full stack MVC, C#, SASS, JavaScript, SQL and Angular.js


I've been doing freelance graphic design for over 6 years for a wide range of clients across many different markets segments. Including: logos and icons, marketing material, user interface concepts, advertisements, animation and video editing, and kinetic typography.


While I'm unavailable for new projects at this time, please feel free to say hello by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.